High quality unpainted ceramics.

We offer high quality, ready to paint ceramics so that you can add the colors that will make it stand out

Welcome to R & R Ceramics

At R & R Ceramics, we are able to provide our customers with high quality unpainted ceramics.  After we make the initial item, we then want you to take over and make the creation your own.  Paint it exactly how you like and you will have a piece of art you and your loved ones will cherish. As a hobby, ceramics have kept many people busy and satisfied while creating them.  The thought of being able to personalize your own ceramics is what keeps us ceramic lovers always wanting to make the next best thing.

The unfinished ceramics that we offer our customers are started by fully professional ceramic makers here at R & R.  We want to get the hard part of the ceramic process out of the way for you, so that you can then stylize the rest with ease out of your own home.  All of our ceramic bisque is hand poured, cleaned, and fired to cone 04 for your painting and glazing needs.

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We want our clients to know that their satisfaction is of the highest concern to us, so we are always striving to give them the best products we can.  We want everyone who comes to us to leave happy and with a project for them to create and finish.  We will send our products straight to you shipped by UPS, Priority Mail or Fed Ex.  The Online Catalog does have a shopping cart feature.  All of our ceramic bisque is shipped UNPAINTED.

We offer an extensive selection of unfinished ceramics

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